8 Essential Cannabis Accessories To Make Your Sessions Better

Essential cannabis accessories to make your sessions better

The holidays are here and if you're thinking about what you want to get your smoking buddy, or yourself, I have some great items you should try. These are just items that I've found to either make my life easier or my sessions more enjoyable. Take a look and let me know if you've used these and enjoy them as well. I've linked the products below for easy shopping.

Smojos are a permanent innovative pipe screen that block ash and build-up with a simple two-pronged grid covering the hole in the bottom of a bowl, and still allows smoke to pass through. The screen's asymmetric geometry creates a dynamic opening that will never clog. I've used mesh or glass screens before but they always fall out so now my go-to is a Smojo since they're permanent. It's not fool proof but it will keep your bong cleaner longer. They are inexpensive yet they will surly put a smile on the user's face when they see how much cleaner their bong stays.

My second choice would be an ash catcher and/or reclaim catcher. They can save your bong/rig from getting super dirty super quick. One thing I hate the most is taking the first hit from a fresh bong and already having floating pieces in the water. I like to use Toke Tonic in my bongs/rigs so I don't want floaties in there so quickly. Ash catchers can help you with that. Most of the ash will get trapped in the ash catcher. It's not 100% perfect because I've seen little pieces get through, but if you pair the ash catcher with a smojo, It would help a lot! Plus, you can add some extra filtration to your smoke for a smoother hit. Reclaim catchers will do the same for concentrates with rigs and they have a removable silicone bottom where the reclaim goes for easy collection. 

ISO Stations are so convenient and nice to have. You don't realize how great they are until you get one and think, "how did I not get this sooner?". They really encourage you to have a cleaner sesh because everything you need to clean up between tokes is right there. It can keep you from falling into the bad habit of not cleaning between sessions making everything harder to clean later and not tasting so fresh. You can use regular q-tips if that is all you have. However, the Glob Mops are spun really tight so it doesn't fall apart so easily and it also has an end with a pointy tip to really get into some small holes and creases that the round part doesn't get into.  

Hot Knives are a gift from the gods. Normal dab tools work fine if you have something like live rosin. However, if you have some really sticky honey or something hard like shatter, It can be difficult to use a normal dab tool. I find this especially difficult when trying to load a vaporizer and not going straight to a hot banger. These hot knives heat up to the perfect temperature to get your sticky honey to slide right off. You'll also be happy to find that it's much easier to clean. Just warm up the tip and wipe with a paper towel. For extra sticky parts, wipe with a lightly dipped alcohol swab. Hot knives have absolutely made my sessions better. 

Rolling Trays with a Lid will make packing up and putting away, or packing up on the go much easier. These metal trays have tons of different designs and a nice quality magnet lid that fits over the tray for a nice seal. 

Odor Eliminators are a must! It creates a relaxing mood to grab an odor eliminating candle that you light before a sesh. If you don't have time to create a relaxing environment or you are in a hurry to eliminate the smoke odor, grab an odor eliminating spray. The spray will help clear up the smell in no time. Adding candles to my sessions have made them more enjoyable for me. 

Glycerin Bongs are one of my favorites! I love cold sessions and being able to store a whole bong or piece of a bong filled with glycerin in a freezer. It's so convenient to just grab and have one of the coldest hits. Glycerin bongs will give you a nice frosty sesh and hold the cold for a while depending on how hot it is where you are. I definitely recommend getting a glycerin piece to add to your collection or give as a gift.  

I hope you enjoyed my recommendations. Leave a comment below and let us know what experiences you've had with these items.