Are Blinkers Bad For You?

I've been seeing this question all over the internet lately and have had a few people ask me if I think blinkers were bad for you. Honestly, you do what you want but, I wouldn't recommend it for multiple reasons. Now that does't mean you can't ever do a blinker. It can be fun with your buddies but I wouldn't make it a habit. Personally, I want my cart to taste good and last a while. For those of you who don't know, a blinker is when you take a hit with a vape pen for the longest amount of time that the battery will allow. That usually takes about 8-10 seconds and it's actually an auto/off feature that keeps the battery from overheating and breaking.

Most people are doing blinkers because they want monster clouds and to get high AF with one hit but it's not the way to go with vaping. If you want monster clouds, smoke a blunt or smoke concentrates or flower from a bong. Vaping should be enjoyed low and slow. Take the time with multiple 3-5 second pulls on a lower setting. Save your cart so it lasts longer and the rest of it doesn't taste like crap because you burned it with a couple of blinkers. Blinkers, are not only unsafe but they're less efficient for your oil. You're burning through the oil and polluting the rest of your cart. The atomizer in your cart (usually made of metal) can break down after applying too much heat over and over again, and it can contaminate your oil. You don't want to vape that. Think about how fast the battery has to heat the oil when you can start inhaling immediately after you press the activation button if it's not pull activated. That's hot! Even when you dab with a torch or an e-rig you still have to wait at least 10-20 seconds. 

Give yourself a good experience and enjoy your pen. I recommend getting a battery that has a good variable voltage and gives a nice range in temperature. I use a Yocan Uni Pro and I keep my temperature at 3.5 or lower. This keeps my throat from burning, oil from burning, and my cart lasts a lot longer. Like I said, hit some blinkers if you want. I just wouldn't make it a habit and smoke like that all the time.